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TERMS OF PURCHASE ALL PROPERTIES OFFERED SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE CASH: If you wish to make a cash purchase, you may do so by sending us your deposit of $500.00. Upon receipt of your check, we will order your Title Insurance Policy and our Warranty Deed prepared. We will send you a copy of all documents and notify you of the balance needed to complete your purchase. When we have received that, we will record your Warranty Deed and send it to you together with your Policy of Title Insurance.   CONTRACT: Our property may be purchased by a Real Estate Contract with terms as described on our Property Selection List and our maps. You may mail a check for $500.00 and when we receive it we will order your Contract and Warranty Deed prepared. We will then send these documents to you with a letter of instruction and a statement showing the cost and the balance you will need to return to us with your signed documents.   NO PRE-PAYMENT PENALTIES: The contract allows for accelerated payments without penalties. You may pay additional payments, future payments or balloon payments, which after the accrued interest is paid, are applied directly to the contract balance at any time, without penalty. Just notify collecting agent what to do with additional payments.   DOWN PAYMENT: Upon receipt of your check for your down payment, it is placed in a Designated Client Account. After you have signed and returned your Contract and all documents are in proper order, your down payment is released to us.   LOW DOWN PAYMENT PROVISION; DEFER CLOSING COSTS FOR UP TO 2 YEARS So that we may offer land for sale with less than 10% down payment, we must provide for a 24 month period of timely payments on an Option Contract to establish credibility with us. There are no closing costs at the time of purchase with less than 10% down payment. After 24 timely payments you will be charged the contract recording fee and the Title Insurance Policy.   WARRANTY DEED AND TITLE INSURANCE POLICY: What are they and why?  A Warranty Deed is a signed and sealed document by which land is conveyed and an agreement by the grantor (us) to defend title and possession of the property to the grantee (you). A Title Policy insures that the property is owned by the party named therein, subject only to those matters shown, insuring against lawsuits due to error, incomplete facts, forgery, or false presentation.   CLOSING FEE: There are no closing fees when you purchase Frontier N W Ownership properties. All document preparation is performed by our company, at no additional cost. If an outside attorney is required then the fee will be divided equally, as when purchasing brokerage properties.   COMPLETION OF CONTRACT: Upon completion of payment of the contract by you, the collecting agent will release to you the Warranty Deed and all pertinent documents.   POSSESSION: While you are in the process of paying off of the contract, the property is yours to use and enjoy, beginning with the date the contract is signed and required monies are paid.   TAXES: County property taxes on the property you purchase will be charged to you on a pro-rated basis. You will pay taxes for only the full months after the date of purchase, starting in the year in which you purchase. These taxes will be billed to you at the time of the purchase, or when billing information is available to us.
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